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  Health Safety & Environment (HSE)

GasMin maintains its commitment on health, safety and environmental issues during project execution at site-work.


GasMin has a written-down safety procedure, guidelines (not in printed manual) and practices the health and environmental issue as per documentation of Pre-job meeting between contractor & client.


Medical-officer closed to site-work is appointed on retainer basis for the duration of work. To provide free-medical treatment for any sickness, fever etc. and to provide services of Nurse, medical-attendant at his clinic or nearby one for any incident required.


First-Aid boxes are maintained at site and precautions are taken at Hot-works, during NDT inspection, trenching and excavating, testing and during cutting work required on a condensate line. No smoking at Gas-field facilities job, on proper scaffolding in construction of Tanks, works of high altitude, painting-work, jobs in a closed area such as inside of Tanks (vertical & under ground), Boilers etc. Fire protection is maintained.


Environmental issues are given due importance. Pre-survey, prior to pipeline construction work is done and point related to effect on environment is recorded and mitigation plans are taken.


GasMin's experience while working in Bangladesh the main-issues are vegetation/re-vegetation, canal diversion/bringing it to original, necessary be advise of rerouting the pipeline route to the client, care not to disturb the nature around, movement of live-stock by making walk-over , minimum disturbance of big-trees where birds rests at night, minimum disturbance of canals/rivers where fish etc, Habitats and move-around. Necessary care is taken during disposal of Tested-water, chemical waste and such other matters.


Pre-job site-meeting and training of the new-recruits by engineers is maintained on Health, Safety and Environmental issues, for 2-days for interaction between Engineers, Foreman's and working-crew as a part of Refreshing with requirements of HSE on each project-work with due monitoring at executing stage.

  HSE Policy  
GasMin limited recognizes that every employee is entitled to be provided with a working environment that is safe and without risk to health. To this end every reasonable effort will be made and positive action taken to secure the health, safety, and welfare of all personnel working for and on behalf of the company for all its activities. GasMin is also committed to protect the natural environment we work in.
In particular terms our HSE policy is:
To place the Health and Safety of employees and public ahead of the company's commercial interest;
To arrange, provide and maintain safe systems of work for all employees;
To clearly define areas of Health and Safety responsibility;
To provide adequate and proper facilities, equipment and safety responsibility;
To provide adequate training, information and instruction on workplace health, safety and environment.
To regard all industrial accidents as preventable and ensure the requirements of occupational Health and Safety legislation are followed.
To implement controls and processes that will ensure all personnel involved in our activities protect the natural environment; and
To monitor our performance and conduct regular audits to ensure our HSE controls and processes are effective.
All members of the workforce employed throughout GasMin's projects and operations should therefore acknowledge their responsibility for health, safety and environment and in conjunction with the above policy, provide a positive contribution to the health and safety of themselves and others in the workplace and protect the environment.
  HSE Certificate  
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