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The overall responsibility of ensuring the execution of Quality plan covering Quality-Control & Quality Assurance (QA/QC) lies with the Project Director, QA/QC Manager will be directly responsible to Project-Director and the former ensures, monitors & executes all works of Quality-Control and Quality assurance. The areas will include Co-ordination and Document-Control, Construction execution, all deliverables to Company during course of Project execution in compliance to Quality-plan to be developed before starting the Project-work.


The purpose of this quality-plan will be to ensure that the project work and associated works of the client are constructed in accordance with drawings, specification and codes.


The areas of responsibilities of QA/QC Manager for ensuring the quality-control that will involve on pipeline construction are right-of-way, clear & grade , pipe haulage and cartage, ditch-operation, pipe bending, welding, non-destructive testing of welds, field joint-Coating, embankment and water crossing, lower-in & backfilling, cathodic-protection, hydrostatic-testing, reinstatement and other specified areas as required in reference to health, safety and environment.


QA/QC Manager will also be responsible for document-control, produce non-conformance reports, corrective-action plan, all test-reports, incidents-reports, safety, and Environment oriented documents and all other logs, reports as per quality-plan to the company representative and to get ‘approvals' from company as defined in quality-plan.


Quality Policy


We have our client round the world, including China , India , USA , UK , Thailand , and Europe . To meet up the growing demand, we keep in consideration to expand our project in near future. We practice advance technology in all aspects of our operation and consider infusing further innovative concepts in developing the sector.




Our product quality is ensured with the practice of advanced technology and our inclination toward meeting our client's satisfaction with competitive price.




Our Commitment to quality has empowered us to ensure efficient working environment within our organization.




Our just in time execution and handover our project to the clients to depend on us.


Client Satisfaction


We satisfied our client by our quality service and timely handover the project to the client..


Continuous Improvement


Continually improve the quality management system via good management.


Quality Objective


Establish and maintain quality objectives for improvement of QMS and product quality.  


Environment Consciousness


Our operation maintains a healthy environment for our employees to create a congenial atmosphere.


Social Responsibility


Our sense of social responsibility is reflected through our keen effort towards employee welfare.

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